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More Jesus words inspire a woman to pray

A friend of mine (Jenny) was on her way to work, when she saw a woman walking along the side of the road. Jenny felt the Lord calling her to pull over and pick the woman up. “Are you ok, do you need help” she asked. The woman who she noticed had a black eye said “yes” and got in Jenny’s car. The woman “Sarah” (not her real name) shared that she had been physically abused by her husband. In the heat of the violence, she had fled without her children. Empowerd by the Holy Spirit Jenny drove the woman back to her house to get the children.



For the next three weeks, Jenny and her husband Jim opened their home and their hearts to this family in need. After a time of healing, Sarah decided to return home and give her husband another chance. Jim and Jenny were concerned but honored Sarah’s choices, praying for God’s protection for her and the children. A few days after Sarah had returned home, Jenny felt great discomfort for Sarah. Jenny called but the phone was disconnected. Jenny felt they had to go and check on Sarah and the children. When they arrived they found that Sarah had been severely beaten again. Jim and Jenny again rescued Sarah and the children, taking her and the children with them. Safe with Jim and Jenny, Sarah knew she needed to go down a new path. Sarah met with a social worker and coordinated that she and the children would leave the state and return to her relatives.


Although Jim had already shared his love for the Lord with Sarah, he felt led to share about the song More Jesus with Sarah before she moved away. Jim gave Jenny a cd of the song More Jesus and started to explain about the song. Sarah interrupted, “I know that song, it’s on 89.9 and it has that line about not making decisions before we pray”. In fact, when I left my husband I thought of that line and I prayed that God would send me an angel and Jenny drove up.

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